William Forsythe

Based on the CD-ROM William Forsythe: Improvisation Technologies. A Tool for the Analytical Dance Eye by William Forsythe, Nik Haffner, Volker Kuchelmeister, Yvonne Mohr, Astrid Sommer, Christian Ziegler; published in 1999 by ZKM | Karlsruhe and Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln.

Web design
smile. Visuelle Kommunikation, Johanna Unterberg, Roland Wulftange

Oussama Mubarak

Reconstruction of the lecture demonstrations
Timo Kraus, Max Reuber, Christoph Benden, Sebastian Klein

Intro animation
Andreas Babenko

Petra Kaiser (project management)
Alexandra Scott, Julian Gabriel Richter (Forsythe Productions)
Margit Rosen, Felix Mittelberger, Volker Sommerfeld (ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe)

Video clips © 1999, 2023 by ZKM | Karlsruhe and William Forsythe
Texts © 1999, 2023 by ZKM | Karlsruhe and the authors; Text Choreographic Objects © 2023 William Forsythe

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Archival Note

Credits as given in the booklet of the 2012 edition of the CD-ROM version of the project:


Edited and produced by
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Institute for Visual Media
in cooperation with the
Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln (supported by SK Stiftung Kultur, Stadt Köln/Kulturamt)

Astrid Sommer

Packaging and booklet design
Nadine Schmidt, Hatje Cantz, based on a concept by Holger Jost

Thomas Morrison, Astrid Sommer

Thomas Morrison, Heike Staff, Rebecca van Dyck

William Forsythe: Improvisation Technologies
William Forsythe, Nik Haffner, Volker Kuchelmeister, Yvonne Mohr, Astrid Sommer, Christian Ziegler

William Forsythe, Christine Bürkle, Noah D. Gelber, Thomas McManus, Crystal Pite

Decoding, structuring
Nik Haffner

Design, graphics
Christian Ziegler

Programming, CD-ROM mastering
Volker Kuchelmeister

Video editing, graphics
Yvonne Mohr

Production manager
Astrid Sommer

Camera crew (video)
Boris Michalski, Yvonne Mohr (examples)
Vassilios Georgiadis (theory)

Recorded at
Frankfurt Ballet, 1994 and 1998

William Forsythe: Solo (1995)
Solo was made for Evidentia, a program conceived by Sylvie Guillem

Choreographed and performed by
William Forsythe

Thom Willems in cooperation with Maxim Franke

Directed by
Thomas Lovell Balogh

Director of photography
Jess Hall

RD-Studio Productions, France 2, BBC TV

Solo © 1997 by William Forsythe

Video clips (theory) ©1999, 2012 by ZKM | Karlsruhe and William Forsythe

Video clips (examples) © 1999, 2012 by ZKM | Karlsruhe and Christine Bürkle, Noah D. Gelber, Thomas McManus, Crystal Pite

Texts © 1999, 2012 by ZKM | Karlsruhe and authors

All photographs © 1989–2012 by Dominik Mentzos

Screenshots © 1999, 2012 by ZKM | Karlsruhe

Originally published as ZKM digital arts edition—special issue and Tanzdokumente digital #2 of the Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln.
Originally produced at ZKM | Karlsruhe, 1994 and 1999

CD-ROM production and printing
optimal media production GmbH

Published by
Hatje Cantz Verlag, Ostfildern, Germany

Photo Credits
All photographs by Dominik Mentzos
DVD case, front: Solo, William Forsythe
Booklet, cover: Christine Bürkle
p. 2: I don’t believe in outer space (2008), Yasutake Shimaji
p. 11: Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time (2005), Christopher Roman
p. 16–22: William Forsythe, Solo, stills from “Performance” (1994)
p. 44: Heterotopia (2006), Yoko Ando
p. 46: Yes we can’t (2008), Cyril Baldy, Parvaneh Scharafali, Ander Zabala, Christopher
Roman, Roberta Mosca
p. 68: The Defenders (2007), Roberta Mosca
p. 71: Quintett (1993), Jone San Martin, Jacopo Godani

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We would also like to thank
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